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The federal government is not the only entity that prosecutes white collar crimes. California has its own detailed laws defining many white collar offenses. Local District Attorneys and the California Attorney General also aggressively prosecute these types of cases.

At Anand Law Group, you can fight fire with fire. Our firm is led by a former federal prosecutor who served in the Major Frauds Section of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles and who was a local prosecutor in New York. Mr. Anand is also a former Certified Public Accountant, which gives him a significant edge in evaluating cases involving financial and accounting issues and explaining those concepts to juries who are unfamiliar with such things.

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White Collar Offenses in California

The state of California has created a robust set of rules regarding white collar crimes. Like federal crimes, the penalties for these offenses can result in a lengthy prison sentence and steep fines.

The following is a list of California white collar crimes we can handle:

  • Grand theft (Penal Code § 487)
  • Embezzlement (Penal Code § 503)
  • Misappropriation by fiduciary or contractor (Penal Code § 506)
  • Fraudulently obtaining money, property or labor (Penal Code § 532)
  • False financial statements (Penal Code § 532a)
  • Mortgage fraud (Penal Code § 532f)
  • Crimes against elders and dependent adults (Penal Code §§ 368, 502.9, 515)
  • Criminal conspiracy (Penal Code § 182)
  • Forgery (Penal Code § 470)
  • Making false entries in records or returns (Penal Code § 471)
  • False return under oath (Penal Code § 129)
  • Making or delivering check with insufficient funds (Penal Code § 476a)
  • Fraudulent conveyance and transfers (Penal Code § 531)
  • Petty theft (Penal Code § 488)
  • Receiving or concealing stolen property (Penal Code § 496)
  • Perjury (Penal Code § 118) or subornation of perjury (Penal Code § 127)
  • Destroying, erasing, or concealing evidence (Penal Code § 135)
  • Preventing or dissuading witness or victim from testifying or doing other acts (Penal Code § 136.1)
  • Influencing or inducing testimony (Penal Code § 137)
  • Taking or offering to take bribes by witness (Penal Code § 138)
  • Removal, disposal or concealment of property by debtor (Penal Code § 154)
  • Fraudulent concealment of property (Penal Code § 155)
  • Bribing local officials (Penal Code § 165)
  • Money laundering (Penal Code § 186.10)
  • Unauthorized use of personal identifying information; Mail theft (Penal Code § 530.5)
  • Embezzlement and falsification of accounts (public money) (Penal Code § 424)
  • Counterfeiting (Penal Code § 477)
  • Computer crimes (Penal Code § 502)
  • Impersonation through Internet (Penal Code § 528.5)

What Is Considered Grand Theft in California

According to California Penal Code § 487, grand theft can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony and can include:

  • The theft of money or property valued at $950 or more
  • Embezzlement of over $950 from a direct employer
  • The theft of a car or farm animal
  • The theft of a firearm

Writing or Passing Bad Checks in CA

According to California Penal Code § 476a, a person can be charged with writing or passing a bad check if they knowingly make or deliver a check, with the knowledge that there are insufficient funds in the corresponding account to cover the payment of the check.

This offense can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the total value of the check(s) and the defendant's criminal history.

Get the Experienced White Collar Defense Attorney You Need

Harv Anand’s extensive experience includes conducting more than 15 jury trials and working on complex criminal cases from investigation through appeal. Count on Mr. Anand for the aggressive representation you need. If you are being investigated or accused of a white collar crime, Anand Law Group takes the time to learn all the details of your situation, get the information it needs, and pore over documents to present the strongest case possible on your behalf. With his significant trial experience and negotiating expertise, Mr. Anand knows how to fight for clients. His only goal is to protect clients’ rights and secure the best outcome possible.

Let Anand Law Group, P.C. fight for your rights and contact us at (800) 606-8608 today.

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